Maria is one of our current Snowdon Scholars, studying MSc Psychology at University of Nottingham. In this post she shares what she learnt when she was applying for a Snowdon Master’s Scholarship last year, along with some advice for applicants.

I’m pursuing a master’s in psychology to equip myself for deeper involvement in disability policy reform. Looking ahead, I’m excited about pioneering research that merges pharmacy and psychology, focusing on innovative therapeutic solutions for pain management, CPTSD, and autism.

Maria is smiling at the camera with her arms folded. She is wearing a blue dress and glasses, and has shoulder-length brown hair. Maria is a winner of the 2023 Snowdon Master's Scholarships

Why I Recommend You Apply for the Snowdon Master’s Scholarship

I found the application process incredibly empowering, helping me to recognise my hidden strengths and potential. The questions are thought-provoking, urging you to reflect on moments where you’ve demonstrated resilience and strength. This journey is inspiring; you’ll discover your untapped value and abilities. Writing down my thoughts and experiences was transformative, clarifying my career path and personal goals. It’s an opportunity to understand your strengths and how to use them to contribute positively to the community.

General Advice for Applying

Research and Inspiration

  • Read posts from previous winners for insights and inspiration. Research organisations like the Snowdon Trust and their alumni. Understanding their achievements can be highly motivating, especially in seeing how disability does not define one’s limits.

Envision and Plan

  • Don’t hold back on your ambitions. Imagine the best-case scenario and plan accordingly. Research how the master’s course you’re applying for aligns with your goals.

Reflect on Progress

  • Consider how your past experiences, whether work, personal projects, or life experiences, have already set you on your path.

Evidence is Key

  • Provide evidence of overcoming challenges, both professional and personal. Authenticity is crucial – be yourself.

Balancing Applications with Disabilities/Health Challenges

With unstable health, I had to adapt my approach. I worked on my application over a long period, often from bed, due to pain. Start early and work in small, manageable steps. Account for health fluctuations and work when you’re able. Tailor the process to your needs and health conditions.

Get Things Done Early

If you advance to the next round, congratulations! Begin planning early:


  • Secure them promptly. If someone doesn’t respond, don’t take it personally; just seek alternatives.

Document Organisation

  • Prepare all necessary documents (passport, references, transcripts) early. This reduces stress and streamlines the process.

Communication with Universities

  • Ensure you have unconditional offers where needed. Keep track of key dates and requirements.

Final Thoughts

Good luck! Embrace each step and use it as an opportunity to grow and prepare for your future.


Find out more about the Snowdon Master’s Scholarships and begin preparing your application here.

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