How do I apply?

Once you have read all the guidance relating to the grants programme, you should Apply via our application portal.

For more detailed guidance on how to submit an application, please click here.

When are the deadlines?

Applications are open year round.

Eligible applications are assessed by the Selection Panel, made up of experts in the field of disability, former grant awardees, and those with lived experience of disability, who will make decisions about your application and offer advice and guidance where appropriate. Though we would like to support as many eligible applications as possible, we have limited resources. If we are unable to help you, where possible, we will signpost you to alternative sources of funding and support. Funds awarded are usually available immediately after you have been notified of an award. These will typically be paid directly to your supplier on receipt of an invoice, not into your own bank account.  

The Selection Panel meet three times per year, to coincide with the three terms of the academic year. These are the key dates for 2023-24: 

  • Completed applications submitted before 5pm on Friday 2 June 2023 will be assessed at the July 2023 Selection Panel meeting, allowing for arrangements to be in place for the start of term in September.
  • Completed applications submitted before 5pm on Friday 8 September 2023 will be assessed at the October 2023 Selection Panel meeting.
  • Completed applications submitted before 5pm on Friday 26 January 2024 will be assessed at the March 2024 Selection Panel meeting. 

Please note that most submitted applications require additional information to be provided after submission. To give yourself the best possible chance of having all the information submitted in time for the panel meeting, it is recommended that you submit your application as early as possible before the stated deadlines above.