What can I apply for funding for?

  • We award grants for specialist equipment and the cost of accessibility arrangements which directly relate to your studies. By contributing to these costs we hope you are able to fully participate in your studies alongside non-disabled peers. 
  • The grant can help with things like the cost of assistive technology and software, mobility equipment, the additional cost of accessible accommodation, the cost of carers accommodation, sign language interpreters, note takers and other vital human support. You may have a shortfall after being awarded Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), or not be eligible to apply for DSA at all. This list is not exhaustive, but your cost needs to be related to your studies and something that you must pay to overcame disability-related barriers. We cannot provide grants towards tuition fees, to alleviate general living costs or for financial hardship. 
  • Grants are awarded to a maximum value of £5,000.  
  • The cost must be for a future payment. We cannot award grants for expenses already incurred and will not reimburse you for these costs.  
  • Before applying to the Snowdon Trust, you should first seek all statutory funding that you are entitled to and ask your institution to put in place the reasonable adjustments that you need. Our grants are a last resort fund, not an alternative to Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) funding.


What can’t I apply for?  

Your application will not be processed if your grant request is for: 

  • Tuition fees*
  • Medical equipment or medicines
  • Rehabilitation equipment or therapy e.g. home-gym equipment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy
  • Maintaining physical wellbeing, e.g. gym membership
  • Maintainance or rehabilitation of mental wellbeing, e.g. psychologist, counsellor, therapist, or psychiatrist fees
  • Private therapy as part of your course curriculum, e.g. when training to become a psychotherapist
  • The cost of the £200 student contribution towards DSA funded computer equipment
  • Financial hardship, e.g. living expenses, rent, utility bills, travel costs related to financial need
  • Enrichment of your student experience, e.g. club membership fees, extra-curricular activities, hobbies
  • Food, e.g. for general nourishment, vitamins, supplements, maintaining a specific diet due to medical reasons  
  • Care costs that you incur caring for someone else, e.g. childcare costs, or caring for an adult relative or dependant
  • Paying off costs, debt or loans already incurred, e.g. a service you have already used or equipment you have already purchased, ordered or repaired
  • International travel costs for you or your carer to travel to the UK for your study   

 *if you have already received a fee award from the Snowdon Trust and are still completing the same course, we will accept reapplications for fees for the duration of that same course (subject to the maximum number of grant awards). This is the only circumstance in which we will consider a fees application.