We want to partner with Corporate Foundations and Companies that are interested in disability and upskilling your future disabled workforce.

There are many opportunities for you to make a difference to the Snowdon Trust disabled student community and partnering with us would show your commitment to diversity and help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Did you know:

a disabled person with a degree
is still no more likely to be in work than
a non-disabled person whose highest
qualification is at GCSE.

(National Disability Strategy, 2021)

We work with Corporate Foundations and Companies to break down this barrier and increase opportunities for disabled students. By offering:

  • Work experience to disabled students you could enhance their work readiness and learn more about disability and accessibility of your workplace.
  • Interview skills training could increase disabled students' chances of gaining their dream career and learning about interview accessibility.
  • A talk to our Snowdon Trust alumni you could create a dialogue with your future disabled workforce and enhance your knowledge and confidence to employ a disabled person.

Whether part of your Corporate Social Responsibility an interest in increasing diversity within your workforce we can help. Working towards a time when inclusion is no longer a goal. Please contact us so we can discuss how we can work together to create the societal change we both aspire to reality.