A lesson on inclusive education

Past Snowdon Student Dr Armineh Soorenian has just had her first book published. “Disabled International Students in British Higher Education: Experiences and Expectations” is a further development of the research and thesis she undertook as part of her PhD at the University of Leeds.

In her book, Armineh comments on the relevance of inclusive educational theories and policies within an increasingly internationalised HE system.  Her research findings identify key barriers in the four broad categories of:

-  Information, Access and Funding

-  Disability Services

-  Learning and Teaching

-  Non-Disability Support Services such as accommodation and social life.  

It provides a snapshot of disabled international students’ experiences and the multiple disadvantages they encounter in their universities based on their identities as ‘disabled’, ‘international’ and sometimes ‘mature’ students. The book provides insights which might contribute towards a more inclusive HE system for students from a wide range of diverse minority backgrounds.

The result of several years of research, Armineh is keen for her book to be used as a resource for recognising issues faced by disabled international students and working towards improving their experiences.  Additionally, she is willing to give talks and presentations on the subject to interested organisations and institutions.