Welcome to the Snowdon Trust Website

We are a charity that assists physically and sensory disabled people to access vocational and academic courses in the UK by awarding grants. These can be for equipment and essential study needs. We only give awards where funding cannot be met through other channels.

Everyone must have the opportunity to achieve their full potential! To apply for funding, click through to our ‘Grants’ section. For ideas on how you can help support Snowdon students, view all the donation options and fundraising activities on our ‘Support Us’ page.

The Snowdon Trust is the new name for the Snowdon Award Scheme. Courtesy of Elmwood, we have been very lucky to receive a brand ‘makeover’ and are very excited to present to you our new logo and website! Moving forward, we aim to help more students through financial support but also through continued and specific lobbying of political issues on the subject of disability and education.